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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Reverence Fingerplays/poems

A simple poem or finger play is another useful tool to help calm or quiet children while transitioning to another activity.

Here are a few from The Friend:

Reverence (Friend, Nov. 1992, p.15)
I’m Always Reverent (Friend, Sept. 1993, p.32)
I’ll Remember (Friend, Apr. 1987, p.39)
What If … ? (Friend, Sept. 1996, p.22)
Diana Eckersell Janson, “I Can Be Reverent,” Friend, Aug 2008, 38–39    
Marli Walker, “The Wiggle-Waggles,” Friend, May 2005, 10

 One that's been especially successful for me in the past:

King of Me

Dorothy King Pace, "King of Me," Friend, Sept. 1996, 20

I said to my feet, "Keep still!"
I said to my hands, "Just stay!"
I said to my all-over-everywhere-self,
"I'm in charge of you today!"

I'm ruler of my mouth,
And I'm the King of Me,
So when I tell me it's reverence time,
I'm as quiet as can be!

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