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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Nursery Lesson #10

Some ideas for lesson #10 I Will Take Care of My Body
Dress a Body, small individual flannelboards for pre-lesson activities.

I used adhesive back felt (found at Walmart or most sewing/craft stores) and stuck in on a cardboard square to make the small flannelboard. Using a simple die cut pattern I cut out the girl/boy figures and made simple clothing.

Make a Face:

Good food for our bodies:

During the lesson I showed the pic from the manual and posted this body on the flannelboard:

I had the children touch their corresponding body parts and discussed how they are useful. The church's website now has a great visual section, however these visuals came from another great site Click under Teaching Extras. Side note: The Stories/Props section is a fantastic section also, I use it all the time with my grandchildren. They offer color, ready to print visuals as well as B/W. Best of all it's free.

Using a mystery bag is another good way to discuss how we can take care of our body. Brush & Soap = keep our bodies clean. Apple = take in good food. Ball = exercise. Pillow = Rest.

Anything visual, tactile or sensory goes over well with little nursery children.

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