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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Music from the Friend

In addition to songs from the Children's Songbook and Hymnbook, consider also using any songs published in The Friend.

Here's the link to an index of available songs, which you can download or, in some cases, listen to.

My own personal favorite are: Sing Me a Song, Don't Ever Forget to Pray (super easy to learn),  My Blessings, and Christmas Day (especially good because can be sung in parts)

From the Church Handbook 11.2.4:

The Children's Songbook and the current sharing time outline are the basic resources for music in Primary.  Hymns from the hymnbook and songs from the Friend and Liahona are also appropriate. Occasionally children may sing patriotic or holiday songs that are suitable for Sunday and for the children's ages. The use of any other music in Primary must be approved by the bishopric.

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