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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Organization for 2015

As part of our ward's plan to get organized for 2015, we've started to prepare our Sharing Time outline for next year. As a Primary Presidency, we all have lots of information to track. One of the ways we are doing this is by summarizing a lot of information on one page. See the link below for the example. This document outlines:

  • Which lesson is being taught each week (helpful quick reference when calling subs last minute). This also includes the Easter and Christmas lessons for Sunbeams and Junior Primary.
  • Reminders on Stake Conference, General Conference, and the Primary Program
  • Who is conducting Sharing Time
  • Who is teaching Sharing Time
  • A quick view of the Theme and Scripture for the month
  • The song we've been instructed to have the children learn (from the Sharing Time outline). We've also left space for our chorister to add their choice (example: May).
We hope you find this document helpful as you get organized for 2015. As you have questions or additional ideas, please be sure to share!

Link: 2015 Sharing Time Outline


  1. Thanks for posting this Natalie.

  2. Getting organized for the new year is quite the chore! I looked for a map of our building, and couldn't find one. So I've created my own. Third Ward, since we share the building, this might be of use to you!